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              News and Publitions

              View the latest news and updates from CHEP here, including CHEP’s annual report on the nadian hatching egg industry and updates on trade negotiations.

              Apr 17, 2020 NewsPublitions


              nadian Dairy, Poultry and Egg Sectors Rally to Support Restaurants

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              Apr 10, 2020 NewsPublitions

              Geneva watch – March 2020 update in trade negotiations from the WTO

              WTO Ministerial Conference ncelled Over COVID-19 Pandemic in this issue of Geneva watch.

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              Mar 5, 2020 NewsPublitions

              Poultry and egg farmers ll for action on CPTPP mitigation

              nadian poultry and egg farmers started 2020 with every reason to believe the federal government would follow through with full and fair support to mitigate the impacts of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

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              Nov 27, 2019 News

              CBHEPA Students Programs for 2020 applitions

              Applitions now available Program No. 1 – CBHEPA Broiler Breeder Research Grant Program No. 2 – CBHEPA Student Exchange Program Program No. 3 – CBHEPA Young Farmer Program

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